Remodeling is the Choice For Hotels and Homeowners Waiting Out the Sluggish Housing Market

Hotels remodeling, home remodeling or home improvement is becoming more and more the choice for hotels, motels, apartments and homeowners waiting out a housing market that is in a rut. One of the reasons being that homeowners or hotel owners would rather stay in their homes than lose up to 10% of home equity in today’s sluggish housing market.The advantage of home improvements is that it helps people protect their biggest investment, which is their hotels, motels, apartment complexes or homes.

As long as the housing market stays weak, homeowners would continue to make their house or property the nicest one on the block. According to the NAHB forecasts, the U.S. housing market will remain soft through 2009 but begin to rebound in the first quarter of 2010.

Homeowners are investing in both the value and security of their homes, especially baby boomers. Seniors for example, are enclosing their carports into garages and installing outdoor lighting systems. Many hotels and motel chains are using bathtub refinishing as a big part of their bathroom remodeling project.

Many hotels or motels that remodel their bathrooms for instance, do so to replace worn out bathroom fixtures. Equally important, many homeowners or nursing homes may undertake bathroom remodeling for aesthetic reasons.

The sluggish housing market is making it harder and harder for homeowners to obtain mortgage. High cost of energy is keeping more and more Americans at home and not in hotels. The hospitality industry, like all other businesses is sharing its woes of bad economic times.

Many hotel owners and homeowners are not selling their homes or hotels because of economic hardships and again because of high financing costs. Therefore it makes sense for many to save money by remodeling. As the housing market continues its correction, many hotels, motels and homeowners will continue to renovate or remodel their homes or hotels.

Bathtub refinishing is saving homeowners and hotels money because it is only about 20% of the cost of bathtub replacement. With volume discount, hotels or motels can buy a bathtub for $200, but it may cost $2500 to replace it.

The reason the price goes up for bathtub replacement is the work involved in replacement. Walls are torn, plumbers are invited and tile contractors are hand to get paid. When you add up all the sub-contractors and the payments, the cost of bathtub replacement adds up pretty quickly. All that does not include its impact on the environment.

Bathtub refinishing costs between $450 to $650. You can use your bathtub in 24 hours after it has been refinished. All work is done in the bathroom. If you are serious about saving your hotel or motel money in your bathroom remodel, let us know. All hotels, motels bathtub refinishing is nationwide. Homeowners in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville and Knoxville are saving money, time and the environment by using our bathtub refinishing services.